We provide industrial-municipal water treatment plants and thermal energy recovery systems with superior energy efficiency, fewer points of failure, and up to


lower CapEx and OpEx.

We provide industrial-municipal water treatment plants and thermal energy recovery systems with superior energy efficiency, fewer points of failure, and up to


lower CapEx and OpEx.

Easy to operate.

Up to 4X more energy efficient than competing thermal systems.

50% smaller size than any competitor.

Up to 40% lower CapEx and OpEx compared to all competitors for all industrial applications benchmarked.  No waste heat utilized in benchmarks.

Metals, Chemicals, Refining

Increase the efficiency of material and chemical processes by lowering costs and improving the separation between products and by-products.

Oil & Gas

Recover cleaner water for a much broader range of beneficial re-use applications and reduce brine stream volume for up to 40% lower CapEx and OpEx.

Power Generation

Achieve sustainability goals and meet discharge requirements and regulations now and in the future while saving up to 40% on CapEx and OpEx.


Cost effectively meet or exceed discharge requirements with robust systems that have fewer points of failure and are easier to operate.

Coal & Landfill Leachate

Lower the cost and energy use to treat or dispose of contaminated leachate water from coal plants and landfills.

Paper Production

Drive cost structure down by optimizing energy use across the plant.


Cost effectively recover water for agriculture that is clean enough to prevent desertification.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Cost effectively recover more water for beneficial reuse with very broad, deep contaminant reduction, predictable UPW and fab performance, excellent brine management, and fewer points of failure.

Beverage Manufacturing

Produce consistently exceptional water treatment efficacy in a cost-effective, reliable and energy efficient system.

Seawater Desalination

Can be competitive with reverse osmosis systems while providing a much smaller brine stream and cleaner product water.

About Sylvan Source

About Sylvan Source

Sylvan Source (SSI) is an industrial-municipal water treatment and thermal energy recover systems company with an innovative and flexible suite of technologies applicable to a broad range of industrial applications, with fundamental advantages in energy efficiency, capital costs, and production costs.

The SSI Core™ water treatment system is thermal-based, but it does not rely on conventional heat exchanger technologies. The physics of SSI’s proprietary thermal transfer mechanisms are quite different. Independent benchmarks have confirmed dramatic CapEx and OpEx savings across multiple applications.

SSI’s systems:

  • can handle up to 200,000 ppm Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) with saturated volatile and non-volatile compounds such as hydrocarbons.
  • in all benchmarks, provided cleaner product water at a lower cost than any other technology.
  • pilot plant, in one application, reduced 147,000 ppm TDS to less than 14 ppm TDS in a single pass.
  • in Pilot Plant Testing for a cooling tower blowdown application, the SSI Core™ product water was consistently at or below 1ppm TDS with a basic configuration.

SSI’s industrial technologies can also be applied to thermal energy recovery, transfer, and storage in many industrial plants.

The Intellectual Property (IP) associated with SSI’s systems is substantial. SSI has 37 US and international patents – 18 granted and 19 pending – for water treatment and thermal energy recovery and re-use systems. In addition, SSI has developed significant trade secrets and know-how that will be protected moving forward as we continue to work on new, breakthrough technologies.

SSI Core™ In An Industrial Plant

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Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant

SSI has operated a pilot plant at company headquarters since 2010. In 2012, SSI won the Technology Idol award at the Global Water Summit in Italy, based in large part on an independent benchmark for a seawater desalination application. Between 2012 and 2016 SSI participated in independent, comprehensive benchmarks for produced water treatment and power plant wastewater treatment applications. During this period, a wide range of contaminated feed waters were successfully tested at SSI including Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) wastewater from a coal-fired power plant, boiler clean-up wastewater, hydraulic fracturing flow-back wastewater, produced water from conventional wells, seawater, highly concentrated seawater and an environmental remediation application.  

Pilot Plant Tests

Pilot Tests

In 2016, SSI deployed its first fielded pilot plant to treat live wastewater streams at Southern California Edison (SCE).

Another successful pilot plant test with SCE was completed in July 2018. Utilizing SSI Clean in Place (CIP), no pretreatment was required to treat cooling tower blowdown wastewater directly. Product water was 1-2 ppm TDS. SSI’s fundamental cost structure advantage was confirmed.