Clean-In-Place (CIP) eliminates the requirement for pretreatment for many applications

The Status Quo

Existing wastewater treatment technologies require multiple pretreatment steps when treating feeds that are prone to scale formation.

CIP status quo graphic

SSI’s Clean-in-Place

Successfully field-deployed SSI’s Clean-in-Place process allows the SSI Core to treat cooling tower blowdown (and other hardness-containing feed water streams) without any pre-treatment.

SSI Core with CIP graphic

Operating Cost Comparison

Independent benchmark of cooling tower blowdown application

  • SSI Core with CIP (and boiler)

  • Existing water plant (precipitator/clarifier, WAC softening, high efficiency RO)

CIP operating cost comparison chart

1. Evaluation by DiFilippo Consulting, 2018. Includes chemicals, natural gas, and electricty. Operator labor assumed equivalent for both systems.

2. SSI Core™ feed rate 0.80 MGD, product distillate rate 0.68 MGD

3. RO configuration and feed rate 2 x 0.50 MGD