Thermal Energy Recovery Array (TERA)

Technology Overview

  • Cost-effectively captures, transfers and reuses a wide range of recoverable thermal energy in industrial plants, including waste heat

  • Does not replace power generation equipment or other production equipment, but optimizes recovery of thermal energy

  • Small footprint

  • Highly customized to each application environment

Example Application

TERA applied to preheat boiler feedwater

TERA graphic

TERA Independent Benchmark

(for a specific 500 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant)

  • Recovered 22 MW of electricity capacity saving the equivalent of 10.7 tons/hour of coal, assuming 35% overall plant efficiency

  • CapEx savings estimated at $49 million (compared to acquiring power generation equipment to produce 22 MW of electricity capacity)

  • Almost 5% of net new electricity capacity added without increasing the carbon footprint