Test Results

Above Industry Standards…By Far

Pilot Plant Testing

In 2016, Southern California Edison (SCE), in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), hosted  SSI’s first deployment confirming the performance of the SSI Core.

In 2018, SCE hosted SSI’s second deployment in which SSI demonstrated Clean-in-Place (CIP). With CIP, the SSI Core successfully treats hard cooling tower blowdown wastewater (and other industrial wastewater streams) directly without any pretreatment. SSI was able to replace five separate processes with the SSI Core + CIP at the power utility.   Our operating costs were independently benchmarked at 44% of the cost of the plant’s existing water treatment system (56% lower).

The SSI Core water treatment system was successfully tested for multiple cooling tower blowdown wastewater streams at SCE’s Mountainview plant in Redlands, CA including:

  • Cooling tower blowdown wastewater directly

  • High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (HERO) reject waste stream

  • Wastewater downstream of the precipitator

  • Wastewater downstream of the WAC softener

Product water was consistently at or below 1ppm TDS.

sylvan source test plant image

The Sylvan Source SSI Core™ Pilot Plant.

The SSI Core™ Water Efficacy Pilot Plant Testing

SSI has tested many types of contaminated waters with its pilot plant facility in San Carlos, California with excellent results.  Below are the results from just a few of these tests.