We only trust competitive analysis results from independent, whole plant benchmarking led by customers and industry experts.

Background on Reports

SSI was introduced to DiFilippo Consulting, experts in water treatment for the power generation and energy market sectors, by an oil and gas company that led independent competitive benchmarking for produced water treatment applications in conventional oil fields. SSI was invited to participate in the benchmark activity along with several large established water treatment companies and smaller emerging technology companies. Once the oil and gas company’s benchmarking activities were completed SSI commissioned DiFilippo Consulting, one of the companies involved in the benchmark evaluations and analysis, to write a report on the benchmark results and to expand that work to incorporate industrial waste stream applications. As part of all competitive benchmarks, SSI treated the customers’ waters with SSI’s small industrial-municipal pilot plant and submitted the treated water to independent laboratories for analysis to validate SSI’s water treatment efficacy and confirm the specifics (including all chemical costs) of any pre-treatment process that may have been required.

CapEx and OpEx Modeling

A capital equipment model was derived from work performed for SSI by Akers Power and Gas, a well-known industrial engineering firm. Akers developed a 100,000 gpd Basic Engineering Package (BEP) for an SSI plant for industrial water treatment. This BEP included major equipment selection, plant drawings, and itemized estimates for the installed plant costs. Additional internal SSI models are used to estimate equipment and material costs from site-specific factors such as feedwater composition, pretreatment approaches, and feedwater temperatures for inclusion in the BEP. SSI worked with another experienced water treatment firm, Water Consultants International, who developed and ran an operating cost benchmark comparing SSI with thermal and RO technologies. The operating cost benchmark included an Opex model that is used to estimate operating costs (operator wages, electricity, fuel, chemical, maintenance). For this analysis, SSI utilized experienced oil/gas and power utility engineering consultants, who provided US-specific costs to be used in the Opex model.